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Drop down menus for adding pictures to your posts.

Drop down menus for adding pictures to your posts.

So I just picked up an iPad and I’ll admit that I’ve gone app crazy. I’m actually trying out a new app right now. I’m drafting this post on the free Word Press app for iPad. The interface is clean, easy to navigate, and supports multiple WP accounts. Once you’re locked and loaded, you can review, approve and respond to comments, draft or edit posts, and review and edit pages on your site.

Drafting blog posts from WP for iPad is fairly simple. New posts can be saved locally or in the posts section of your WP dashboard. You can add tags and categories to your post and also add photos from your iPad. Text formatting options are limited, or more accurately, nonexistent.Bold face type and italics are NOT available when blogging from WP for iPad (so you can’t do any of this from the app). The app does support HTML editing so if you’re an HTML wiz (I’m not), you will not be limited to plain text like the rest of us.

WordPress for iPadI drafted the majority of this post in WP for iPad. Once the post was saved as a “draft,” in the app, the post appeared in my dashboard. I did see a few problems once I had a chance to preview the post (some of these problems are stylistic, and may not apply to you specifically). I usually justify the paragraphs in my blog posts. If you publish directly from WP for iPad, your posts will be aligned to the left. While I was able to include screen captures from my iPad, the app doesn’t let you choose where the pics are placed. Cut and paste is disabled in WP for iPad for some reason. This makes moving text a headache. These are pretty minor problems and probably aren’t deal breakers for the average user.

WP for iPad will not be a blogger’s main tool for drafting and publishing blog posts. The app is a good solution for the blogger who posts multiple times a week and drafts blog posts on the go. WP for iPad works well for getting ideas down when they come to you. You can work through ideas for posts, and start drafting immediately without having to break out your laptop. You wont have to jot down ideas in your moleskine to be transcribed later when you have time to sit down at your computer. The ability to approve and respond to comments is the app’s most useful feature. In my opinion, this is what makes WP for iPad an everyday app. If you’re like me, you’re iPad is always close by. Being able to quickly approve and respond to comments from WP for iPad allows for quicker interaction with your readers.

Are you already blogging from WP for iPad? If so, are there any tips you’d give to someone who is just getting started with the app? If you haven’t tried WP for iPad, give it a shot and let me know what you think.

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