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B.W. Webb Dallas Cowboys Draft PickThe late rounds of the NFL draft are for finding players that have big upside. You never know when you’ll draft a guy that works hard enough to become a legit NFL player. Jay Ratliff is a great example of a 7th rounder that made the most of his talent and became a solid player quickly even though he is an undersized defensive tackle. The Cowboys stayed on the defensive side of the ball with their fourth round pick and 114th pick overall and drafted B.W. Webb out of William & Mary.

B.W. Webb, CB

Pros. Weeb is another really athletic pick for the Cowboys. The guy can jump out of the gym which is a big asset for a corner back. He finished tied for first at the NFL Combine in the vert and long jump. He also showed great agility in the 20/60 yard shuttle finishing tops in both. While he’s got average speed for a corner, he has shown a good ability to recover and close. He had a solid career at William & Mary and is considered by many the best player coming out of the FCS.

Cons. Webb played a lot of zone at W&M. We really don’t know how he’ll do in press coverage. Despite his athleticism, he’s not a very physical player and tends to get lost when defending screens. His tendency to lock in on the QB gets him in trouble at times. He did not play against BCS caliber passing games so we don’t know what we’ll get from  him when competing in the NFL.

Grade. B The Cowboys did the right thing by staying on the defensive side of the ball. Webb was probably Dallas’ top player on the board at 114. It would have been nice to pick up a defensive end here to help out on the D-line but when you get to the fourth round and later, it’s hard not to trust the guys in the war room.

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