who is Terrance Williams?

Terrance Williams Dallas Cowboys Draft PickAfter drafting a tight end with the 47th pick overall, the Cowboys drafted another offensive weapon in round three. While the Cowboys addressed the O-line with their first pick, their plan is now pretty clear. Jerry is getting Tony Romo weapons. The Cowboys picked Terrance Williams (WR) out of Baylor with the 74th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Terrance Williams, WR

Terrance Williams Dallas Cowboys Draft PickPros. The big question at Baylor going into the 2012 season was whether Terrance Williams would continue to put up big numbers without having RGIII to throw him the ball. The answer to the question: Williams led the nation in receiving and was a first team All-American. Williams is legit. He can stretch the field and has a gift for finding the ball in tight coverage. Williams is a tough cover. Down the field speed and above average body control makes him a threat for back shoulder throws. A key strength is his ability to adjust to a scrambling QB. There will be plenty of opportunities for big plays when Romo is on the run.

Cons. Williams didn’t run a lot of pro routes at Baylor. They used him primarily as a deep threat. He isn’t a great route runner and has had a tendency to give up on routes when he’s not the target. He hasn’t faced the kind of press coverage he will see in the NFL. There is some concern about his ability to get off the line of scrimmage. He has decent hands but consistently lets the ball get in on his body which can lead to some dropped balls.

Grade. B- The Cowboys are working with a plan and it’s starting to come together. Dez and Williams are both able to stretch the field. Combine that with Witten and Escobar running routes underneath and you’ve got a tough cover for any defensive backfield. Rather than address the defensive side of the ball, with their first three picks the Cowboys have decided that they will try and put up a lot of points in order to take pressure off the defense. We’ll see if that works.

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