who is Gavin Escobar?

Gavin Escobar Dallas Cowboys Draft PickDallas picked Gavin Escobar with the 47th overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. Dallas wanted to add some depth at the tight end position. Escobar probably would have been available in the third round so this pick gets a pretty low grade. Swearinger was available and would have been a nice pick to address the holes at safety. Jesse Williams was also available and would have filled a need on the defensive line. While Dallas made an above average move in the first round picking up Travis Frederick and an extra third round pick, this pick is classic Jerry. Jerry has a bad habit if drafting what he wants rather than what the Cowboys need.

Gavin Escobar, TE

Gavin Escobar Dallas Cowboys Draft PickPros. Escobar is a big athletic guy. At 6’6”, 250 lbs., the guy is huge. He was a standout high school basketball player. He’s the kind of guy who will be able to out jump defensive backs in the endzone. You’ll definitely see him opposite Dez in goal line passing situations. He’s got big strong hands. Scouts have noted that like all great receivers, he snatches the ball out of the air. He easily has the best hands of any TE in the draft. He’s not the fastest TE out there but he’ll be able to stretch the field when he’s covered by a linebacker. He runs good routes and doesn’t have a hard time getting open. With his size and good hands, he’ll catch a lot of balls over the middle and has a knack for fighting for the ball.

Cons. Escobar’s biggest weakness is his blocking. Addressing depth at tight end was part of the plan going into the draft but what the Cowboys needed was a tight end with strong blocking skills. Escobar has a tendency to let guys get a little to close to him and drive him off his spot. He simply is not an explose run blocker. Escobar could have dominated at San Diego State but his lack of blocking ability kept him off the field at times. The upside here is that Escobar improved his blocking skills ever year at San Diego State. What the Cowboys are thinking is that they will be able to turn him into a blocker. Let’s hope they’re right. Escobar is also not the fastest tight end around. He knows how to get open so he should be able to overcome the speed issue.

Grade. C – This is a questionable pick from the Cowboys. While the Cowboys wanted to address tight end depth in this draft, their high second round pick was the wrong time to do it. The Cowboys were obviously thinking that if they didn’t pick up Escobar here, he’d be gone at 74. He definitely has some upside. With some good coaching, he could take Witten’s place at tight end down the line. However, with Swearinger and Jesse Williams out there, the Cowboys passed up on two good players that would have addressed holes on defense.

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