Bankruptcy, Debt Free, Chapter 13, Chapter 7Everyday we meet with clients who have fallen on hard times. Whether it’s because of the sluggish economy, a lost job, or a divorce, people come to our office hoping to find solutions. The Cavada Law Office has helped thousands of clients address difficult financial problems through bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is the legal process of liquidating debts in a chapter 7, reorganizing business debts through a chapter 11, reorganizing a farm, ranch or fishing business in a chapter 12, or reorganizing personal consumer debt in a chapter 13. There are many reasons why a person may decide to file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can often save a home from foreclosure and keep vehicles from being repossessed. We work hard to help clients navigate the difficult decision to file bankruptcy with dignity and respect.

Business Consulting.

Business Consulting, Small BusinessStarting a business isn’t easy. It often involves incredible personal sacrifice. That’s why you want to be sure you do it right. Trying to decide whether to incorporate as a limited liability company (LLC) or a corporation can be a difficult decision. Staying in compliance with the state comptroller and Internal Revenue Service is a constant concern for small businesses. We have helped business startups all over Texas. Helping clients lay the proper foundation for businesses that experiences success down the road is something we pride ourselves in. Whether you’ve just started a business or you’re looking to take your business to the next level, we can help.

Immigration AttorneyImmigration

Ralph’s grandfather, Rafael Perez, come to the United States with his wife and three small children. Their hope was that through hard work and diligence, they would make a better life for themselves in the United States. Ralph’s father became a citizen in 2008 so Ralph understands the importance of helping people make good decisions concerning their status in this country. The most important thing we can offer is correct information about ever changing immigration laws. Consultations are always free and we want to help.